by Indie Anna Jones

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released January 3, 2013




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Indie Anna Jones San Marcos, California


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Track Name: Wynter Whitney
dive in, her skin
your friend changes
smiling like there is no past a stranger
staring as she took my glance it lingered

*dreaming and her voice sounds so foreign
catching up the appeal just seems boring

photos are old
her face is cold
maybe if i fall asleep i'll hear her
my eyes are closed she kisses me, its winter


checking out, checking in
wondering how i've been
winter women, winter women
Track Name: i hate the beach
i hate the beach when you're with me
your dirty clothes and sandy toes
you go

it feels less important
when she's still adoring
you go
Track Name: Head Cold
he's got a cold
let's make it better baby
all i want to tell you is how i really miss you

*she's got a new tattoo
baby i'll be fine if that's alright with you
she's gotta make some soup
baby it's alright i ain't got much to do

she's acting strange
less cocky/talking but i love her
all i want to tell you is how i really miss you


he's got a head cold
Track Name: Sweats
frozen face, out by the lake
where we sit, mittens knit

*this roof needs some proof
but it won't tank
you've been rude, what you're mood
but you won't say

**and this calm, where you from
is that everything, tell me anything

you know her name
and when she came
you were a mess


Track Name: Mt. Vizzini
it's no fun when you're barely hanging on
and you've asked everyone
but they won't desert you

*i never thought you'd go
we're getting so old

made a plan to fall on the asphalt again

i've made up what i think i have forgot
and my nose is stuffed
but i've got you


made a plan to stop but i'll do it again

you've been traveling
return of old habits
Track Name: Split Chic
she laughed in the morning
the sun was up but i was down
that's not important
she made it up but i'm allowed to say

*above the rock outside
pushing our feet into the tide
breathing becomes so hazy
i was wrong but i'm lazy

he cried in the morning
while she was up the sun was down
plenty of warning
she made it up but she's allowed to say

Track Name: Ethnic
*i thought i left you far away
what did we always used to say

**who are you ethnic girl?


Track Name: Falls
*memories fade
tattoos sag
hand grenades
cracker jacks

**tell me what's wrong


Track Name: Charmin Elektra
you were right when you said that you can't rely

*everybody's doomed
with their attitude

take it out of my head because my minds so dry